Lakeside University

The enforcer

lakeside university - book 1

Nash Richards is Lakeside University's bad-boy enforcer, notorious for demolishing his opponents on the ice and breaking hearts off of it. Our relationship went up in flames two years ago. Now he wants me back—and he's not taking no for an answer.

First kiss, first time, first love. Nash was my first everything. First heartbreak, too.

When I get stuck training him for my senior internship, forced to work side-by-side together, the magnetism between us is stronger than ever. The boy I fell in love with freshman year is now a man. Bigger, stronger, hotter than ever... and full of secrets.

I try to keep my distance, but our chemistry is hot enough to melt an entire rink. Before I know it, Nash breaks through my defenses like no one else can, and he scores my heart for a second time.

Fraternizing between the athletes and trainers is strictly forbidden, and neither of us can afford for our relationship to be exposed. Will falling for him again be the penalty shot that destroys both of our careers?

The sniper

lakeside university - book 2

The number one unwritten rule of hockey? Don't date the coach's daughter.

When I learn that the gorgeous brunette I keep seeing around campus is Coach Ward's daughter, I make a point to stay away. Her father knows a few too many of my past sins, and the last thing he'd want is a guy with an arrest record dating his only daughter.

My strategy works... until I start flunking calc, and Luna Ward is assigned as my tutor. She's completely my type...and completely off limits. But after one moment of weakness changes everything, there's no more pretending—and there's no going back.

Landing in the penalty box is the least of my worries. I have everything on the line, and this is a shot I can't afford to miss.

The power forward

lakeside university - book 3

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The captain

lakeside university - book 4

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