Ryan wasn't expecting to end up with the captain of the hockey team as a roommate, and she certainly didn't expect the initial sexual tension between them to blossom into love.

In desperate need of a place to stay, Ryan Winters doesn't see an issue with rooming with the captain of the hockey team, Ethan Russell. After all, she's focused on her studies, getting over an ex, and honestly, not that into athletes. Though the more time she spends getting to know her new roommate, the more it becomes apparent that Ethan is the exact type of guy she could fall for. When lines begin to blur and drama from the past threatens to tear them apart, can the two of them find a way to keep both their friendship-and their relationship-from crumbling to pieces?


On the heels of a recent heartbreak, college student Bailey rebounds right into the arms of her ex's biggest competition: infamous hockey star and campus ladies' man Chase Carter.

Bailey James knows better than to fall for someone like Chase Carter, even if his charm seems impossible to resist. He's the ultimate player and public enemy number one of the hockey team she's supported all through college. But when a nasty breakup causes her to be iced out by friends who are more loyal to the game than to her, Chase becomes an unexpected support. Caught in the midst of a bitter rivalry that extends far beyond the ice, Bailey and Chase are on opposite sides of the bench. But maybe there are some things worth fighting every obstacle for-even if it means cheering for the enemy team.