rules of the game book 3

Overtime Male Cover

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​No one knows why I transferred colleges mid-season and if I have my way, that's how it'll stay. Now my only priority is to dominate on the ice and solidify my spot in the pros after graduation. As for any 'extracurriculars'? I'd rather take a puck to the face.

Everything is on track until my ex-girlfriend resurfaces, hell-bent on getting me to forgive the unforgivable. Frustrated, I tell her I've moved on, unintentionally sparking rumors about my new "love interest."

Just when my excuse is about to backfire, fate intervenes with the perfect solution. Chloe is every bit as committed to her future as I am, and equally disinterested in dating. But the more time we spend together, the more I start to notice things I shouldn't—like how tempting she looks in my jersey.

Before I know it, we've gone off script completely, and I'm not sure either of us is faking it anymore.

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